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Simple, Unobtrusive, Keyboard based

Written by Danny
Published on 1/3/2020

Tape is for devs.


Tape uses existing dev tooling that exists on your machine for mobile development - adb and simctl. As long as you have the paths set up (which you most likely do, because you’re working on mobile apps), it’ll just work ™

A simple rule is, if adb or simctl can access it, we can record it :)

Unobtrusive, no special permissions

Unlike the vast majority of screen recorder tools out there, Tape CLI does not request any special permissions to record your mobile devices. So no privacy worries, and best of all, no clicking around to record that emulator screen. (🤮 clicking around, like a n00b)

Tasty, useful dashboard includes a useful dashboard so you can look through your history of tapes, filter by device, os, type or even search by the randomly generated name.


Free, with paid upgrades

We wanted tape to be available to everyone to try and use, and see how much more productive it makes you. We have a free tier, which might be enough for a lot of people, but we think the premium features are worth the upgrade starting at the price of a coffee ☕️

You can also setup your own bucket, if you choose to! (Instructions coming soon)

CLI is open sourced

Tape-CLI is MIT licensed and opensourced. The cli is built using existing dev tools out there and we wanted to keep the source available to you to tinker with, modify and hopefully contribute back if you choose to!

We only ask that you don’t create a clone of the service

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