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Why tape

Tape-cli and is easy and fast way to share what you see on your simulator/emulator.

Written by Danny
Published on 6/26/2020 is a service for collaborating better during mobile development, for iOS and Android. Share screenshots, screen recordings as video or GIFs.

Our Goal

Be the easiest, most friction-free way for devs to be able to share their WIP 🚧. We build mobile apps, and tape was born out of the frustration that it takes so long - and so many clicks - to collaborate on a screen you’re working on.

Tape doesn’t try to be a “platform” - it simply facilitates sharing - so you can just share a link through whatever you use - Slack, Discord, Teams, email, jira/trello tickets or PRs.

Use cases

Here are some cool ways you can use Tape

Share Progresson on IM

Share Progresson Slack

Log better bug reports

Log better bug reports

Create Better PRs

Create Better Prs

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