Jun 17, 2021 11:42 AM
Tape is a communication tool, so it tries to do one thing, and one thing well - record a window quickly, and simply, and give you a link back.

How does it work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Click the Tape icon on your menubar
    1. notion image
  1. Choose the window you want to record
  1. One you finish your recording, Tape will automatically upload the video for you, and in a couple of seconds you should see a notification:
      notion image
      Paste it on Slack, Discord, Teams, Twitter, or wherever you want to share.


How long do they last?

Tape uploads expire after 7 days by default. This can be changed in your profile

Can I disable automatic uploads?

Sure can! Just go to Settings, and disable "Automatic Uploads". Your tapes will now only be saved in your Documents/Tape folder
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I deleted my tape but I can still see it

When a Tape is deleting, or expires, it does take a few hours for the cache to clear. Remember sometimes, only you can see the cached version, so might be worth trying another browser.
Your actual file gets deleted from Tape, within minutes - but the cache may hang around for a few hours.

Can I add a password to my Tape?

Not yet - but this is something we're looking to add soon.

Recording Presets

Recording presets let you select whether you want your voice recorded with your window, and/or whether you want your webcam displayed within the recording
notion image

Can I record my whole screen?

Yes! Thank you to everyone for reaching out and making your feature requests, this was added as functionality based on your requests. Keep them coming 🙂

How can I increase the quality of the recording?

Your tapes are always saved locally in your Documents/Tape folder, in high quality
Alternatively, when you drag and drop the Tape from the menubar, you get access to the high quality recording.

Can I record my computer audio?

Tape does not support screen + audio of what you see and hear on your Mac - it’s designed for recording your voice (and/or video) using your microphone. However it could be possible to use third party software like https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/ to create a “virtual microphone” for your Mac’s audio output.


You can purchase Tape in one of three ways ways:
a) Purchase directly on the Tape website: https://www.tape.sh/pricing - as a one time App only payment. This gives you a smaller subset of the Cloud features, but unlimited offline recording!
b) Subscribe to Setapp, and download it from there. This will give you the same features as buying App only
c) Subscribe directly on the Tape website https://www.tape.sh/pricing - to the Cloud plan, get the full Premium experience with all our Cloud features!

I came across Tape through Setapp. do I still have to pay a fee?

You do not need to pay anything, if you're using Tape from Setapp, and are subscribed to Setapp. If you want to pay to support Tape's development, I'm very grateful, but definitely not necessary!
You account will be automatically activated once you sign in to the app, downloaded through Setapp here: https://go.setapp.com/stp322?refAppID=478

Whats the difference between Setapp and purchasing Tape directly?

If it's just for you:
It's just down to personal preference whether you'll make use of the additional apps you get with Setapp, or really just need Tape for a smaller price. Tape Cloud gives you additional features, and is jampacked with convenience features for professionals and teams!
If its for you and your team:
Tape subscriptions can also be shared with your team i.e. you can pay for your team, by creating a Team and inviting your colleagues. When an invite is accepted, your subscription will be adjusted to add a new seat.